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Building Self Healing Communities

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Who we are

ACE Interface is a company that provides education, analysis, process design, facilitation, and products designed to help you engage and motivate everyone to prevent ACEs and improve well being.

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What we do

The products and services of ACE Interface are designed to have a multiplier effect that disseminates knowledge and practices rapidly and to a wide and diverse set of audiences.

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How it works

ACE Interface provides a bridge and connecting point for multiple disciplines and service sectors and diverse communities.


What is the Range of Impact from ACE Interface Master Trainer Program?

“I cannot say enough about the collective mass of interest in Minnesota (MN) and elsewhere. Here are just some things that have emerged as a result of my presentations in the first six months after the ACE Interface education event. (Keep in mind that every coach may have similar stories.)”
Karina A. Forrest-Perkins MHR LADC